Mergers and Acquisitions

Cyprus is the leading jurisdiction for Forex companies providing access to the European Market

Why CySEC? Why Cyprus?

01A CySEC license is highly respectable Worldwide

Capitalise on the prestige and reputation as a CySEC Regulated Firm and overcome payment solution challenges

02Minimal Initial Capital Requirements

Depending on type of License, the Capital requirements can be as low as EUR 50 000

03TaxFree Dividends

Dividend income is unconditionally exempt from Income Tax. Corporate Tax is one of the lowest in the world.

CySEC LicenseRunning a Leading European Regulated Investment Firm

Applying for a New CySEC License may not be everyone's first choice. There's 2 other ways you can obtain a CySEC regulated business.

Instead of applying for a new CySEC License, you could buy one ready! An Acquisition can be done, of an existing Cypriot Investment Firm (CIF), with personnel, office and operations. If done smartly and professionally, the process can be shorter than the one of a new License Application. However, it can be more costly depending on the case and usually an existing CIF which has been pre-operated, may come with a reputation, a past and a background that it is the new owner’s job to reset by changing its name and re-branding the CIF. Acquisitions are subject to CySEC’s approval and the process is somewhat similar to the one of a License Activation. Our experienced team can offer turn-key solution that will unquestionably reduce the costs of the starting up.

Where Acquisition is not a choice, a Merger is the next one. It has becoming more popular in the past 3 few years and can be the perfect choice for start-ups since the costs are reduced significantly while forces are joined in a bilaterally beneficial unity. It is a popular choice for big groups as well as it can benefit from the unity for both  vertical or horizontal mergers, conferring diversification, expansion and wider reach for the parties. The procedure is similar to the one of Acquisition and the process can be simplified in most cases to reduce time, efforts and costs. An application submission and CySEC approval is also needed in most cases and, depending on the structure, however, we had cases in our experience where the process was finalised within few weeks.

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