On Mobile with Enjin Wallet

  1. Download the Enjin wallet app for iPhone or Android
  2. Click “Import Wallet”, select “MetaMask”.
  3. Scratch off the wax covering the mnemonic phrase on your 7F gift card
  4. Input each word one by one, going from left to right like you would read them normally, then click “Next Step” twice.
  5. Choose a password, and select “Auto Add” when it asks if you wish to automatically add tokens with balances. Then click “Restore Wallet”.
  6. Finally, now that you have access to the cryptocurrency stored on the card, you’ll want to move them to a new wallet (since anyone else who sees the mnemonic phrase could also get access to that wallet). We recommend you either send them to a wallet you already own, or create a new wallet with Enjin Wallet and send them there.